This is an action-puzzle game centered around the idea of Time Travel. You can travel back in time, and see your past self repeat what you did.

Then you can team up (with your past self) to solve puzzles and defeat monsters.

(This video is really old, and was a proof-of-concept made in Unity. I don’t know who was playing it.)

Monsters have unique quirks: The hydra grows a head for every clone and pulls itself towards every one of them, the ghost devours and makes clones disappear in chronological order, the Knight needs to be distracted by a clone before he can be attacked, etc.

After I graduated my program at Algonquin College, I started working on this game in Unreal Engine 4, but that was a bit of a mistake. The game is now on hiatus while I do other cool stuff, but I do want to come back and finish it. Maybe even start over in a new engine?


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