This game was made during the Global Game Jam 2015. The theme was “What do we do now?”. It’s a grid, turn-based game where the player needs to escape the area before getting caught by a monster. The player can’t see very far, but his flashlight will last 100 steps, and there are 6 flares you can drop.


I did the programming. Teammates Diego and Maria created the environment and character. You can find Diego’s website here. The other Will on the team skinned and animated the monster. Ryan designed the game and maintained design documents. You can find Ryan’s website here.

The game is here:

Source code:

It was lots of fun. I learned tons of new things about work flow for level design, and also that peanuts are a game developer’s handiest food.

There was a power outage at the jam site that lasted about 7 hours. My teammates were using modelling programs on the jam site’s computers, and couldn’t finish modelling the level, but initially, it looks pretty darn great.


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